Say It Ain’t So


You are gazing upon the true and final version of my soon- to-be niece’s bunting.  I thought I was finished 2 times before this, but was sadly mistaken. 

No more tweaking, I promise!

BannerThis is my first attempt at making a bunting, although I have admired them for… my whole life I think.  I’m not a scrapbooker AT ALL, so this project was a bit overwhelming for me. 

Pennant Blank

As always, the planning phase took as long as the execution phase.   I made my own pennant template (5x6) and then used a variety of of pink and green cardstock prints to make each pennant unique.

Letters on Pennant

I set each letter on a pennant, switched the order of the pennants about 20 times, and finally decided on the placement.

Elements Stacked

I wanted a layered embellished look.  Another trial and error process of picking/changing shapes and prints ensued.  My goal was to make each pennant unique.  With 9 letters to incorporate, it was quite a task!!  When everything resembled the vision in my head, I used that double sided sticky foam stuff to secure the fabulousness in place.

Banner 2

To attach the pennants, I sewed double sided bias tape across the the top.  To make sure the pennants stayed an equal distance from each other, I ironed little strips of steam a seam connecting the pennants to the bias tape.  A time consuming process, but it definitely made the sewing step a walk in Central Park! 



After I sewed the letters together (and thought I was finished), things still just didn’t seem right.  It needed something else…


For the third time, I played around with prints and shapes.  At 12:30 am last night, it FINALLY came together!!!  I have never been more thankful for my stash of clearanced-have-to-buy-because-I-might-need-some-day crafting supplies as I was last night.  After I layered the flowers, my non-scrapbooking self had no idea how to finish them.  I scurried off to my small “scrapbook embellishment” bin in my sewing room and found these little perfect matching glittery green brads.  I  secured those babies like a pro if I do say so myself!



I’m sure there is an easier way to make these, but I’m happy with the outcome.  I will blushingly admit that it took me 3 days to complete this project.  I blame it on my perfectionism. 

As I am typing this, I am cursing the thing in my basement called an elliptical.  I really need to reduce the proportions of my backside AND I need/want to get back to blogging.  Two birds with one stone?  We shall see…

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Success indeed!! Awesome job! You know I have to hate you now, right? I mean we can still be friends but when you post cute creative stuff like this, just know I'm cussing you on the other side of this screen.

That looks amazing!! Love the flower you added. Seriously so cute!

That looks great! I made a bunting for Grayson's first birthday. I didn't sew it though. I used ribbon, glue and lots of strategically placed staples! If you figure out the blogging/elliptical duo training, let me know. Maybe I'll get in on it. I'm currently in diet mode.

What a beautiful labor of love. You did an amazing job on this project. BTW, as a Pixie Dust follower, you are invited to pop over & enter a giveaway for an awesome clock. Good luck & thanks for reading!

Warmly, Michelle

Had to also see how you made the banner - so cute!! And were you really blogging & working out?? What talent!! :))


The banner is gorgeous. Love everything about it, also love your color combinations. For not being a scrapbooker you sure did a great job! Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best!

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