Love it When that Happens


Have you ever planned and planned and then planned some more for a special event only to have it go completely and utterly horrible??  Yea, me too.

BUT, that did NOT happen this weekend my friends.

Happy Dance!!

Everything actually went according to schedule. 


I wasn’t even late (I’m always late.  I try not to be. I can’t help it… getting better though)!! 




My main centerpiece for the gift table was a bouquet of baby clothes!!  I saw this tutorial here on You Tube and based my arrangement ideas from it. 


I used pants, onesies, bibs, bloomers, and a ruffled skirt in the bouquet.  The above green flowers are a little skirt that I rolled tightly and then folded in half to make two “blooms.”  The leaves in the arrangement are green velvety  poinsettias from Michaels.  There are two different types of pink silk/paper flowers tucked throughout the bouquet to add a bit of variety.  I would have taken pics of the process, but it took both hands and sometimes my feet to get everything just right.


I found this picture frame at Marshalls (Love that place).  I knew it would be a perfect little touch and that my sister-in-law could use it as a decoration in the baby’s room after the shower was over.


I covered the the cardboard backing in green taffeta and added a rose with double sided foam tape to the front of the glass.  I didn’t use hot glue as I wanted her to be able to used it as an actual picture frame later on if she chose.


Voila… easy but extremely high impact!


Time to wrap the presents…


The largest box was topped with sock roses and a tulle bow.


I tried to make each one just a bit different.


Now for pictures of a few other décor items that made me smile.


(these are going on my mantel now, btw)


crinkle paper and vase filler jewels


paper roses, spiral wood filler, eucalyptus


Oh, and the bunting (see all the details here) now lives on the wall above baby Charlotte’s crib. 

In my defense, I DID warn you about the large volume of pictures.  My friend Jessica made all of the food and an adorbs diaper cake for the shower. 

Party food/baking and me: not so much. 

Decorations: all over it like flies on poo during a hot summer day in Georgia.

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Oh wow... that is such an adorable idea! And so different from most baby bouquets!!
Feel free to submit this to my link party, would love to share it with more people!

So, so pretty! I love it! I always try to do a fun crafty thing for baby shower gifts, but I haven't done the bouquet yet. Yours is fabulous!

So cute! I really love the baby clothes centerpiece. I love the look of things like that, but me making it would be no good. I would probably yell a lot in the process because I'd get frustrated. Party food though? If I take my time, it turns out OK. I bet you're going to be making her all kinds of pretty things too!

awesome pieces so pretty come see what I shared at

Absolutely beautiful! Sadly, or not so sadly, I'm out of the baby shower time of my life. The next time I'll plan a baby shower it will be for my Grandkids...OUCH!

Thanks for linking you have a wonderful week!

Wow! I am super impressed! You really DID pull it off in time, didn't you!? And what adorable ideas that you came up with! Did you use a website (like pinterest) to help you? I'm a little jealous of your creativeness. I've got zero of that. I'm the baker. =\

Thanks for linking up with us!!! You're awesome!

Such cute ideas for a new baby! We are expecting our 10th grandchild (a girl) in Feb and I think the bouquet would really be delightful for our daughter to receive. It is her 6th baby and I know she will love it.

So nice stopping by to visit with you!

Kindly, Lorraine

Visiting from TTUT - I LOVE the baby clothes bouquet!! So adorable!!


I love that pink picture frame! It all looks great!

That is some pretty awesome stuff. So fun for a new girl joining the family.

*Wow* a baby clothes bouquet. Amazing! It is SO pretty. This is why I follow you. BTW, as a thank you to my readers, I'm hosting a give-away for a beautiful clock. Pop over if you'd like to enter & thank you for following!

Warmly, Michelle

What great pictures! You are so talented!

I LOVE it!! Amazingly beautiful. Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right now :)

Have a great week!!

Loved it all. The baby clothes boquet was beautiful and clever.
New follower here from Fabric & Bows...

What a lovely idea, I'll have to remember this one, the babyclothes centerpiece. I also liked the rose on that bright pink frame. Great job and I'm glad all went well for your party. Kathi

This is adorable! I'll have to remember this cute idea for my next baby shower. I found you through Think Pink Sundays. Thanks for sharing! :)

Well this just makes me want to have another baby so I can have you come and plan a baby shower for me. Seriously, pack your things and move closer.... xoxo.. ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!

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