I’m No Photographer…

But I do LOVE to take pictures!!

window gaze vintage

Here are a few that I was able to take of my sister-in-law after her shower.  I do desperately wish that I knew more about photography and photo editing.

Cindy Jeff Heart vintage copy

My brother-in-law and getting his hand in there.

Linda Cindy BW

My M-I-L and S-I-L sharing a special moment.

Andrew Cindy Vintage

Andrew loving on his baby sister.

Cindy window Tummy

Look at that sweet baby bump!!

I know there is an overload of baby and baby shower pictures over the last week.  Obviously, I have this baby on my brain and I can’t wait until she makes her debut!!!


what precious pictures

Love love the one of her sitting by the window. I am sure she loves these shots.

I wish I had someone around to take pictures for me when I was pregnant.Those are beautiful... Love the picture with Andrew giving love!!

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~The Treasurista

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