Two Years Old!!

My Finley turned 2 years old last Wednesday… I can’t believe it!  He’s officially not a baby anymore (sniff sniff).  We were able to celebrate his birthday at Chuck E Cheese this weekend.  My kids alone made up over half of the kiddos at his party!!  Geez, I feel old (bigger sniff sniff).  Enough of my rambling, here are a few pics of the the birthday shirt that I made for Finn.  I think it turned out super cute, but then I’m a bit partial as I did make it!
Finley Bday Shirt3
The front of the shirt has a hand appliqued balloon with a 2 on it.  The black ric rac used for the the string leads to…
Finley Bday Shirt4
the back of the shirt where a little Finley is holding it in his hand. :)
Finley Bday Shirt
Here we are at Chuck E Cheese.  He isn’t too sure about the giant mouse trying to talk to him while he’s eating his pizza.
Finley Bday Shirt2
He’s much happier playing with his big brother’s Thomas the Train at home.  It was a fabulous day. :)

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Wow! I was thinking about you as we celebrated Susanna's second over the weekend too! her actual birthday is Oct 6 but we're visiting the grandparents and her auntie so it was a princess party for us with 'cukcakes'. It was a fast 2 years, huh??! Hope all is well!

That shirt is fantastic. I love it! I worked at Chuck E Cheese for awhile when I was 18. I played the mouse at birthday parties. I hated making kids cry. Worst part of the job ever.

Grayson's first birthday is right around the corner. It makes me feel old and sad at the same time.

Visiting from SITS, I'm your newest follower! Hope you will do the same.

That is the cutest shirt ever!!!

I love how the string goes around to the back and is being held. What a wonderful idea. Happy birthday to your little one!

Stopping from SITS!

that is an AWESOME t-shirt! (and I'm not biased at all). Well done - I'm heading over to check out your shop...

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