Happy 2010 to all of my wonderful blogger friends and customers!! I can't believe that Liberty Original has taken off so quickly. I have been busy busy busy trying to keep up with orders and not taking the time to blog. I supposed that is the way it should be! I am also busy coming up with new ideas and products for the spring. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there to make beautiful projects!

Here is a purse made from Art Gallery Fabric's Purple Moorish Blooms in their Alahambra II line. I LOVE the colors in this fabric! Also, a huge congratulations to all of the cozy winners... I am just now able to start on those. Thank you for being so patient with me. I am now only accepting 2 orders per week to make sure I can have a quicker turnaround time. :)

Liberty Original Coffee Cozies are now being sold at Seabel's Gourmet Food Shop in Pueblo, Colorado!! How exciting!! Here are a few custom orders for Mary, co-owner of Seabel's. They have some fabulous things there.... I left with several bags of goodies!

So, once again I am off to create fabulous originals for all of my fabulous customers. You guys rock!!


Hi, Liberty! So glad to hear you are doing well and that you are super busy filling orders. Yeah, Liberty!

LOVING the Coffee cozy!!!!! So cute!=)

Came by to check out how you have been. I never bought the cozy, but still want to. Just sent your URL to my sister who is just starting up an Etsy blog. Happy new year. Holly

Hi Liberty!

It's been such a long time since I've heard from you. How has your business been doing? I love your Liberty Handbag! Congratulations with your new design! Anyways, I was writing to give you a heads up. I'm having a blow out sale starting Monday where every yard will be selling for $6.25. On select days I will be selling fabrics for $4.00 per yard! Check it out if you wish!

Also, if you could help me spread the word I'd gratefully be appreciative! You'd be helping me sell and other people get a good deal!

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