Last Pair… pinky promise

Boots Muted

Yes… I’ve gone a bit overboard on the whole retail therapy as of late. 

Come on though my friends, how could I NOT get these??

I saw some boots similar to these at a get together Friday evening and I knew I HAD to have them.  I got up early Saturday morning explained to hubs that it was of the utmost urgency to buy these boots, and headed to the boot store about an hour away (Hubs was NOT happy with me, btw.  He didn’t exactly share my enthusiasm, go figure.).  In my defense, I have been looking for the “perfect” black boots for a couple of years now…  just ask my sister!  I’ve wasted many an hour and money in the process. 

My search…. officially OVER.

{{Happy dance}} 

Even though these are smoky gray, they are so much of what I wanted and more!!

Boots Close  

Turquoise insets of wings and fleur-di-lis accented with gold stitching….


Boots muted too

Pinky promise though, this is my last self indulgent splurge on boots. 


These lovelies are Corral Vintage, (just in case you were wondering)!

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Love the boots...look it's an early christmas present, one less the hubby has to buy!

Adorable girl!! You are such a cutie!! I am in dire need of new shoes, boots, socks, underware-- hell a whole new make over!! I was just looking at the Kardashian line at Sears.... but I don't think I could pull any of it off on a day to day basis... I love finding a great deal though and we all need to self indulge every now and then!

Those are incredible boots! I sadly cannot war boots, I have big ol' man calves!

Thanks for linking up!

Nice! Those are awesome boots! And hey we all need some retail therapy sometimes

Look how adorable you are! I love those boots! It's ok to splurge before Christmas. I do it all the time! =)

Thanks for linking up with us!

Love the boots. I wish boots didn't hurt my feet so much because I would love to rock a pair of those on a night out!

These are amazing! The pattern is fantastic and I love their distressed look! What is great about a quality pair of boots is they can last for years!!!

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