A person really should NOT love boots this much


I love to wear boots…  I even wear them in the summer!    I saw these at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago and really REALLY wanted them.  I tried to resist temptation, honest, but I went back again and


I know I should have kept on walking, (and I tried, trust me I did) but I just couldn’t.  I just wanted to try them on to prove to myself that they wouldn’t be comfortable.

Boots front

They actually had my size.  So, I carefully unwrapped the white tissue paper, removed the paper from inside the boot, and slipped the leather over my foot and up my calf.

The ANGELS sang…. 

It was a match made in heaven!!  I didn’t know heels could feel like a cloud…  holy crap!

Boots Side

Do I have to take them off?  Can I wear them with everything?  No and YES!  So, in the cart they went…

I mean they looked perfect with my Old Navy tank, Buckle skinny jeans, and Forever 21 lace tee, right?

Boots side back

I love them. 

I mean, I really REALLY love them. 

I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it. :)

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Those boots are way too cute!!! I can't believe they were still there when you went back in! That is a sign, sister! They look perfect with your cute little outfit. I was just in a Marshall's the other day and looked at their boots. They DID NOT have those cuties anywhere in my line of vision. Lucky girl.

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Wow, I can't believe your name is Liberty. I know someone named Liberty too, and when I first met her I could never remember if her name was Liberty or America, lol!

Your outfit and boots are so cute. I wore boots this summer too, even though a friend said "Boots? In July" and I was like, "yessssss!"

they look awesome!!!!
sometimes ya just gotta:)

First of all I hate you because you look amazing in those skinny jeans.. even on my thinnest day, I couldn't pull them off.... hips.. ugh. Very cute boots girl!! it was fate! I figure if you were still thinking about them after the day you saw them, then you need them. If you had forgotten, then it wasn't worth it. VERY cute!!

Those are seriously the cutest boots! I really want them now :)

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