All in the Angle

Angles Top

of the camera that is…  After playing around with my camera a bit, I have decided that all pics should be taken from the above angle.  I mean, yeah I look like I should be in Alice in Wonderland with the big head and everything, but look how skinny my legs look!  Big head… skinny legs…. I can deal with that.

Angles Shoes

I like these cork wedges, but can’t ever seem to put them together with the right outfit.  So, I end up putting them on, walking around the house a little bit, feeling like I should have “for hire” in bright flashing lights above my head, and taking them off.  I do this at least once every couple of weeks.  Sigh…  When I see people with this type of shoe on, they always look so stinkin’ cute (except for that man wearing them in downtown Atlanta about a month ago, seriously folks).

Angles Crackle

Have you tried Crackle nail polish??  If not, you simply must.  Em and I are hopelessly addicted to it!

Hope you don’t have whiplash too horribly from all of my random jumping from topic to topic today.  I just had to get that off my mind. :) 

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One More Snack… I can’t help it!

Brownie Spider

I really got excited this year for the Halloween snacks…  didn’t plan on it but it just kind of happened.  When I was shopping for the bananas for my banana ghost/buddies, I found these yummy looking little brownies.  I knew the kids would love them and the spider brownie idea was born.

Brownie spider supplies

All you need is mini brownies, pretzel sticks for the legs, and butterscotch chips for the eyes.

Brownie Spider leg

Place the pretzel sticks in the brownie for the legs.

Brownie Spider legs

Then squish the butterscotch chips pointy side down to make the eyes.

Brownie Spider

Ta Dah…..  Brownie Spider!! 

Okay, I know food posts are NOT my forte, but these little snacks were just too cute not to share.  I promise to get back to my sewing craftiness soon.  Thanks for indulging me my friends.

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Banana Ghosts… Nom Nom Nom

Banana Ghost

Aren’t they cute??  A yummy and healthy Halloween treat! 

You want to make them with your kids don’t you? 

Well, of course you do so here’s how:

Banana ghosts supplies


Banana (I cut them in half as I did this as a snack in Jack’s kindergarten class…  11 bananas are ALOT cheaper than 22!)

Mini chocolate chips

Regular chocolate chips

You may even have all the supplies you need at home already.  :)

Banana Ghosts peeling

Peel the banana.

Banana Ghosts eyes

When placing the chocolate chips in the banana, push the pointed tip into the banana so it will stick in well.

Banana Ghosts eye

Insert two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Banana Ghosts mouth

Place one large chocolate chip under the eyes for the ghost mouth.

Banana Ghost

That’s it!  You are done!!

You can adapt this yummy snack for a year round treat.  Em was still hungry after she ate this one.

Banana Ghost Yummy

So, she made a banana buddy next.

Banana Ghost Buddy

The kids can randomly stick the chocolate chips all over the banana for a “buggy” affect. 

I mean, honestly, we all know that chocolate and bananas go fabulous together.  This is easier to make and much healthier than a banana split.  So, hand over the chocolate chips

Banana Ghosts Kids

and let those kids create!!!!

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Ghost Feet in Kindergarten

Ghost Feet Boy

The first time I saw a little foot turned into a ghost was when I got a little one made from foam in the mail.  It was so stinkin cute!!!  Impressed, I thought to myself, “I’m going to do that!” 

Never happened.

Then, I saw this:


Two days later, my son’s kindergarten teacher asked me if I would be interested in doing a Halloween craft for the class. 


was all that ran through my mind for a split second.  I was very excited when she liked my idea. :)

Just in case you haven’t seen this around… all you need is white paint, black paper, and supplies to make the ghost face and VOILA!  You have preserved your little one’s foot forever.

Ghost Feet Girl

The kiddos were giddy the WHOLE time I was in the classroom which was super cute.  (Yeah, I let a bunch of 5 year olds sweet talk me.  Some of them are smooth talkers already!  God help their future girl/boyfriends, seriously.) I helped them with the footprint and let them create their own face with googly eyes and a black crayon.

Ghost Feet ribbon

Then, I punched holes along the bottom of the cardstock and threaded a ribbon through the holes.

Ghost Feet Poem

Each picture is topped off with a little poem that my sister and I made up together over the phone.

Ghost Feet Boy 2

The little boy ghosts have a blue sparkly bow tie and the little girl ghosts have a pink sparkly hair bow (sparkle makes everything more beautiful… just ask Bella!)

Ghost Feet

I was so  impressed with each child’s creativity.  Even more, I feel so blessed that I was able to share in making this memory with all of them.

Ghost Feet Side

So, if you haven’t done this craft with your own kids yet…


I wish I would have done it several years ago the first time I saw it.  I am definitely doing it with all of my kids this year (even though Max’s foot is the same size as mine).

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A person really should NOT love boots this much


I love to wear boots…  I even wear them in the summer!    I saw these at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago and really REALLY wanted them.  I tried to resist temptation, honest, but I went back again and


I know I should have kept on walking, (and I tried, trust me I did) but I just couldn’t.  I just wanted to try them on to prove to myself that they wouldn’t be comfortable.

Boots front

They actually had my size.  So, I carefully unwrapped the white tissue paper, removed the paper from inside the boot, and slipped the leather over my foot and up my calf.

The ANGELS sang…. 

It was a match made in heaven!!  I didn’t know heels could feel like a cloud…  holy crap!

Boots Side

Do I have to take them off?  Can I wear them with everything?  No and YES!  So, in the cart they went…

I mean they looked perfect with my Old Navy tank, Buckle skinny jeans, and Forever 21 lace tee, right?

Boots side back

I love them. 

I mean, I really REALLY love them. 

I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it. :)

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It’s Almost Wednesday

Girls BW crop Those I call “friend”

I seriously am trying to blog more my friends… I just can’t seem to find a balance between all of the many hats I wear.  If I spend more time blogging, I feel neglectful of my house and family.  If I spend all of my time with my house and family, I feel like I’m losing the “creative me.”

(Which makes me a bit grumpy, sad to say but true.  If I don’t make time to unleash my creative side I’m not very fun to be around.)

Anywho, there’s my little sob story for the evening.

NOW, for something a bit brighter;


I’m participating in Welcome Wednesday over at Take it From Me!!  Come join along. :)

Apple Festival

Finley and Daddy Picking Apple

So, I mentioned that I was all excited about fall this year.  We were actually able to go somewhere as a family that didn’t involve a sporting event or grocery shopping!!!  Honestly, I don’t know that last time we were able to do something fun like this with the kids. 

Our destination:  The Apple Festival in North Georgia.  It only took us about an hour and a half to get there and it was WELL worth the drive. :))

Jack Picking Apple

Jack Apple

Who would have thought that picking apples could make ALL of my kids so happy??

Max picking apple

Max and Finley

As you can see, Finn is over the top and Max is assuming his tween picture attitude.  Despite his “Seriously, Mom?” look that I want to slap off his face, he was almost as excited as the little ones (at least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Finley and Mommy Picking Apple

Finley and Mommy

I don’t think Finley stopped smiling until he fell asleep tonight.  He kept running through the trees, knocking all the low apples to the ground, and SQUEALING in delight. 

Emily apple

In proper independent style, Emily took off on her own so I wasn’t able to get as many pics of her.  I was the loud mouth mom yelling, “EMILY” every minute that I couldn’t see her.  I’m sure everyone there was thinking, geez lady control your kids already.  She found some of the biggest apples… like seriously BIG:

Big Apple

It’s bigger than my hand!

Jack Apple Bag

Jack with one of our bags of loot.

In the car on the way home, Finley said, “What a wonderful memory we made.”  Geez, he’s 3!  Where does he come up with this stuff??

Happy Fall… I even decorated!!

Sunflower Swag

As much as I love fall, these past three years I haven’t had the energy to decorate for my favorite time of the year (what a coincidence… Finley is 3).  Since I’ve been spending so much time pining at home decor on Pinterest (if you haven’t checked it out, you MUST) I decided to go crazy and just go for it. 

Scarecrow Decoration 

Emily and I ran out a couple of weeks ago and spent all afternoon picking out just the right decor… scarecrows, hay bales, mums, pumpkins, lanterns, and new swags for the front door.  We picked out a scarecrow for each member of the family (didn’t plan it that way at first and ended up having to go back out and get one more).  The kids had fun picking out which scarecrow represented them. :)

Finley Scarecrow

Here is Finley.

Emily Scarecrow

Here is Emily.

Scarecrow Decoration

Here are Jack and Max.

Front door

Lanterns are absolutely beautiful!!  I found all four of these at Marshall’s for a total of $50 instead of the $24-$119 price tag on similar lanterns at Pottery Barn.  I was EX.CI.TED to say the least. :)


Lantern Small

This little guy is even solar powered.  I have candles in the other lanterns.  At night time, my front steps make me smile. :)  Wish I had a good picture, put I haven’t been able to get one.

Pumpkin Swag

The pumpkin swag

Finley Peeking

Finley peeking to see when it was safe to come outside and play.

Welcome Sign


Here is everything put together!!

Perfect Helpers

Here are my perfect little helpers for the day!!  I couldn’t have done it without them!

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